The World of Ayako Endo
Drawing the Heart of Japanese with French Colors 
Glass & Fabric Painting Artist Ayako Endo

Fascinated by beauty of colors, I have painted on glasses and fabrics
with my theme “Color your life” for two decades.

This time I tried to express the Heart of Japanese – Enjoy the Elegance of Seasons 

Drawing on glasses

Sake cups for enjoying the beauty of the moon, A glass tea bowl
With summer blue etc…

Drawing on fabrics

A summer tapestry and bag made by Japanese
traditional texture etc…

遠藤綾子 Ayako ENDO

Glass & Fabric Painting Artist
The Principal of September 25 Art Studio
A Certified Master Teacher from Pebeo Inc.,

She’d been born in a family running a sake brewery established in Edo era in Niigata and studied interior design, Japanese flower arrangement and Japanese tea ceremony at an art college in Kyoto. She got an experience as a marketer in design department of a consumer-electronics maker after graduation. After she got married, she built her career as a magazine editor and also an event producer, then started producing glass and fabric painting from when she knew the Pebeo’s paint colors by chance.

1994  Ayako Endo established the September 25 Art Studio
The Ayako Endo Exhibition started in Niigata and Tokyo
2004  She got a certification of the Master Teacher from Pebeo Inc.,
2008  She published a book “Glass Painting”
2012  An exhibition in Montrey, California, the U.S.
She got an award from Japan Handicraft Instractor’s Association
2014  Japan Expo 15 in Paris, France



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